Digital Headend | Kathrein Equips The Allianz Arena With A New Digital Headend

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The Digital Headend of KATHREIN has brought TV transmission at the Allianz Arena

The Digital Headend of Kathrein has brought TV transmission at the Allianz Arena into the digital age. The new

UFOcompact Plus-head-end has replaced the analogue head-end, thereby significantly increasing

the functionality and number of channels.


The technology of digital satellite headend is comparable to the technology that a cable operator

uses. The signals are received from the satellite in SD and HDTV and from the terrestrial antenna

(DVB-T) are converted into a uniformly defined frequency range (digital cable TV), so that the

channels can be transmitted onwards accordingly. Thanks to its central decryption capability, the

new head-end can directly decrypt all Sky Sport HD and Sky Bundesliga HD channels, and also

other channels.



The UFOcompact plus central feed unit provides a uniform TV signal to around 800 monitors within

the stadium. All TV sets have the same channel sorting, which is stored centrally in the head-end.

The head-end can be remotely programmed, which greatly reduces the work involved. As well as a

wide variety of channels, the Allianz Arena München Stadion GmbH also benefits from the high

energy efficiency of the UFOcompact plus-head-end.



"The entire TV system in the stadium, including the reception units and complex distribution

structures originates from Kathrein. It was clear to us from the outset that our proven partner over

many years should undertake the change-over of the head-end“, says Jürgen Muth, General

Manager of the Allianz Arena München GmbH. “We installed the new head-end within a day,

everything went smoothly and to the customer’s fullest satisfaction“, summarised Alfons Haas,

Sales & Marketing Manager for the Sat Division at Kathrein.



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