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Company Profile:

LYRA S.A Company was founded in 1956 and sells exclusive products of KATHREIN.Our company, all these years of operation, has focused its attention, to the customer, The quality of our materials and our credibility. We offer:

Satellite Antennas, LNB's And Satellite Receivers.
Camping Satellite Reception Systems With GPS.
Digital Headend's DVB-T / C / IP.
Coaxial Cables 75 Ω, Network Cables And Adaptors.
UHF - FM - VHF Ter. Antennas And Digital Receivers
Amplifiers, Multi-switches, Satellite Splittrers.
Optical Receivers/Transmitters, Optical Fibres/Splitters.
Terrestrial Amplifiers And Network Accessories.



We are the market leader for Digital Satellite, Terrestrial, Cable and IP reception, as well as Signal Distribution in buildings and caravans. With our finger on the pulse of time, we strive to constantly develop both ourselves and our product portfolio. Our expertise in all areas of TV reception enables us to offer you individual overall solutions with products from one source.

Our high-quality satellite reception systems, in conjunction with innovative solutions for signal distribution, guarantee excellent HD and 4k picture quality on your receivers. Thanks to multi-feed technology, you can receive the signals of several satellites simultaneously and enjoy an almost unlimited variety of programmes.

'' Our Heart Beats Digitally ''


Digital Headend - UFO 83

Digital Headend - Eight Output Channel DVB-T

Multi-Switch - EXR 2908

MultiSwitch For Two Satellites - With Eight Outputs.

Sattelite Antenna - CAS 90

Sattelite Antenna - 90 cm.

Digital Headend - UFG 810

UFOcompact Plus Base Unit - Since Ten Modules.

Coaxial Cable - LCD 130 A+

Coaxial Cable, B2ca, Screening Factor 130 dB.

5 Way Over-Voltage Protection

47-2400 MHz, For Protection Against Transient Voltage Spikes.

Optical Transmitter - OSC 100

With CLIK! Connection, Optical Output Level +7 dBm.

Network Cable Cat.7A, S/FTP

Cat.7A, S/FTP, Copper AWG23, Cca s1ad1a1, LSZH/LS0H.
Why To Choose

KATHREIN Products.

KATHREIN, from 1919 until today, is the market leader for the digital reception of Satellite, Terrestrial, Cable and IPTV systems.

Our experience in all areas of television reception enables us always to offer you the best possible solution. We are constantly developing ourselves, our product portfolio and we are always up to date on the Technological Developments of our industry.
KATHREIN products and our solutions are of very high quality, which is characterized by their durability, maturity, sophisticated design, robustness and viability.
All our knowledge goes to consulting, We provide training, planning and support, calculation tools and appropriate individual and complete solutions.
KATHREIN products are manufactured and regulated according to the strictest technical specifications and are accompanied by all international certificates of suitability.
We invest a large part of the revenue each year in Research and Development and we guarantee great reliability.
Our customers feel very happy and satisfied with our cooperation and are very satisfied with our advice and performance.
It is no coincidence that the largest projects in Greece and beyond have been built with our materials. The choice of KATHREIN is a safe investment for the future.

If You Have Dreams ... We Have
IPTV Solutions
Our company, LYRA SA, in collaboration with KATHREIN and Nevron, the global IPTV provider, are the Ideal Partner that can offer you the best solutions for your IPTV system.

Nevron is a global IPTV provider
focuses on providing reliable, fast, simple and easy-to-use IPTV technologies, necessary to provide attractive entertainment, connectivity and information services that are accessible to users' TV screens.

" Guest Satisfaction Is All That Counts ''
Our Company, All These Years Of Operation, Provides Specialized Services And Complete Solutions. The Provision of Specialized Advice And Technologies Offer A Range Of Benefits To Our Product Customers.

Special Attention Is Dedicated To The Satisfaction Of Our Customers Based On: Hospitality, Airports, Hospitals, Stadiums, Cruise Ships, Shopping Malls, Settlements As Well As Small Hotels With 30, 20 Or Even 10 Rooms.

'' We Solve The Most Complex Requirements ''

Connecting The World
At The Speed Of The Light. FTTH And FTTx Solutions ...One Step AHEAD

Standard Optical Amplifiers

Erbium doped fiber amplifier for optical signals 1540nm - 1560nm on single mode fibers - Constant output power or gain mode - SBS detection optionally available.

FTTx Media Converter

Optical Gigabit Ethernet Switch - Optionally with CATV receiver for TV and radio signals such as AM, FM and QAM as well as integrated wavelength multiplexing - TR-069 Provisioning - Bandwidth up to 2.4 GHz - Light end customer installation.

Broadband Transmitters

Externally modulated 1550 nm optical CATV transmitters - Electrical to optical conversion of multichannel CATV signals e.g. AM-VSB, FM and QAM signals - Based on state-of-the-art LiNbO3-modulator-technology.

Join Today In Our Company's Partner Network:
Become An Partner Of Our Company In Your Prefecture Or In Your Local Market And Join Our Network Of Representatives.
Develop Your Skills And Expertise, Your Business Opportunities, As well As Your Career.
We Stand For High Quality And We Are The Market Leader For The Digital Receiving Of Satellite, Terrestrial, Cable And IP Systems.
Get Educated With Seminars Inside And Outside Greece And Be Informed Of Every New Technological Development.
We Provide Study And Design Of Your Network And Implementation Planning.
KATHREIN Choice Is A Safe Investment For The Future. We Are Always By Your Side.
Contact Us, For Any Question You May Have, As We Can Also Send You Printed Catalogues And Brochures About The Products Of Our Company.

It Always Remains By Your Side.

We Undertake And Guarantee The Completion Of Your Project. Our services:


Network Study And Design | Implementation Studying | Start Up And Acceptance | Installation And Approval.


Technical Support | On-Site Serveice | Online Support | Configuration And Performance Managment.


Training In KATHREIN Products And Systems | Supply Of Parts Products | Software Materials.









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Our Company, LYRA SA | KATHREIN Digital Systems, All These Years Of Operation, Has Focused Her Attention, To The Customer, The Quality Of Her Materials And Her Credibility.It's Not Accidental The Fact That The Greatest Projects In Greece Have Built From Our Company And With Ours Materials.

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  • Designing Your Network.
  • Top Quality & Reliability of Materials.
  • Expertise.
  • Technical Support
  • Update For Every New Technological Evolution.
  • Seminars Within and Outside Greece.
  • Worldwide BrandName Recognition.