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Coaxial Cables, Network Cables CAT 7A And Mounting Αccessories Are Some Of The KATHREIN Products That We Can Offer You.

 Coaxial Cables Are Also Known Colloquially As Antenna Cables, Satellite Cables Or Coax

Interference-free signal reception thanks to high-quality KATHREIN coaxial cables. Coaxial cables are also known colloquially as antenna cables, satellite cables or coax. They are responsible for transmitting video and audio signals to a satellite receiver or the TV set. Kathrein coaxial cables ensure that you always have the right antenna cable for your application. Regardless of whether the cable is laid in the house, on the house or in the ground, there is the right coaxial cable from Kathrein for every application and, of course, the matching connector to go with it.

For indoor use, we recommend a well-screened cable with a typical screening attenuation of 130 dB over 100 m (e.g. LCD 111 A+). This prevents the interference of e.g. DECT telephones, which can lead to the loss of channels on this frequency (e.g. Sport1, DMAX and Tele5). For above-ground installation outdoors, we recommend a cable with UV-resistant sheathing (e.g. LCD 115 A+). If the cable is laid in the ground and/or over long distances, we recommend cables especially suited for this purpose, such as those of our LCM series.

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Network Technology | KATHREIN

As with SAT reception, Kathrein attaches great importance to high-quality and durable products for network technology. Cables, outlets and connectors meet the highest standards. In addition to the classic network cable, which Kathrein offers in the Cat 7a version, there is also a combined network/coaxial cable, a so-called hybrid cable, in which the two cables are connected to each other and can thus be installed in one go. Of course, there is also a suitable combi-outlet (network and coax) for this case as well as the corresponding connectors for the coax and network cable.

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Mounting Accessories | KATHREIN

A SAT antenna must be mounted properly. When choosing the installation site, the structural features of the building, such as susceptibility to vibrations, installation on roof or building edges or cylindrical structures, etc., must be taken into account. To ensure that the SAT antenna is thoroughly attached and is pointing in the right direction despite wind and weather, you should not compromise on the mounting material.

We recommend using high-quality Kathrein mounting accessories to mount your SAT antenna – otherwise you risk damaging the antenna, the house or even injuring people. The Kathrein mounting accessories include everything you need for mounting your SAT system – from the rafter and wall bracket (steel or aluminium) to the flat roof stand, we have everything in our product range ... including mounting sets, of course.

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KATHREIN Digital Systems is the market leader for digital satellite, terrestrial, cable or IP reception and signal distribution in buildings and caravans. Our high-quality and reliable product portfolio for modern TV and radio reception is constantly being expanded to include innovative solutions in the field of building technology.

Thanks to extensive know-how in development and unsurpassed quality standards in production, our solutions and systems are among the best in their class. High-quality satellite reception systems in conjunction with sophisticated solutions for signal distribution, whether in single-family homes or in large building complexes, bring the signals to the receiving equipment in best HD quality.

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Our Company, LYRA SA | KATHREIN Digital Systems, All These Years Of Operation, Has Focused Her Attention, To The Customer, The Quality Of Her Materials And Her Credibility.It's Not Accidental The Fact That The Greatest Projects In Greece Have Built From Our Company And With Ours Materials.

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