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Our IPTV Solutions And Our Digital Headend's Change The Data For One More Time In The Digital Technology Sector.


 Kathrein's new Digital Headend combines innovation and tradition in a unique way.

 Why KATHREIN Headend Systems?

  • Imagine that you are your own TV content director!
  • Offer your customers the content they like!
  • Create an international and flexible service!
  • Provide the best possible quality!

KATHREIN's new range of Digital Headend, UFOcompactplus and UFOmini combine innovation and tradition in a unique way. UFO Compact plus® provides users with the technology base for today's and tomorrow's challenges in the field of signal processing technology.


Kathrein Headends – Functionality & Features

Multistandard DVB usage
High system flexibility – customizable to different customer demands and building sizes
Infrastructure independent

Optimized capacity utilisation
Multiple source encoding
Optional signal decryption
Optimized Total Cost of Ownership
Remote setup adjustment
Lowest energy & service cost
Optional Pre-Setup

Pure digital System
High Flexibility
Multistandard Usage (DVB-C/-T, IPTV, ..)
High functionality / modularity
High packing density
Multiple service adjustment (SI processing)
Service friendly
Very high function stability
Low error rate
Low service requirements
Long lifetime
Hot swapable
Power supply redundancy
High energy efficiency – efficiency degree ~ 97%


It's Not Accidental The Fact That The Biggest  Projects And The Larger Studies In Greece And Not Only Have Been Made By Our Company.


IPTV Complete Solutions

Create entertainment, Create engagement, Create freedom. Because guests want more. More options , more entertainment, more engagement, more freedom, more control.

Keep your guests entertained and informed, but also intrigued to do more. Allow them to do what they feel and to connect to things that matter the most.We create and Build Our #IPTV Services, At Your Own Needs. We can help Travelers to get the information they need about a Destination, Your Hotel Services, Benefits And Offers, Flights, Things To Do In Destination And So on.


In Cooperation with NEVRON We offer a big range of IPTV products that brings an amazing interactive TV experience to users (from hotel guests, ship passengers, one-stage fans, residents of a residential complex). Flexibility, expandability and high performance features are just some of the features of the technology we can offer you.

Fast, reliable and innovative IPTV products of our Company allow us to provide the most attractive entertainment, information and communication services to viewers. Viewers become more active, more engaged in accessing many of the most popular internet services in the form of IPTV services.

We create your IPTV '' Platform '', In Your Own Needs and Requirements. Compatible With Any TV Model Without Commitments And Mandatory Replacement Of Televisions. Using one STB is the ideal and the most economic solution.


Nevron IPTV Products are optimized to be effectively used in various industries. Simple configuration procedures enable fast and easy system adjustments to the needs and characteristics of the specific IPTV industry or IPTV client.

The Hospitality Industry – For Hotel TV Systems
" Guest satisfaction is all that counts. "

The Maritime TV Industry
" Passenger satisfaction is of primary importance for any cruise ship business. "

The Healthcare Industry – A Patient TV SystEm
" Patient satisfaction level is one of the most important service quality indicators of any medical centre. "

The Education TV Industry
" Taking advantages of video as most appealing content for education. "

The Corporate TV Industry
" Improve communication with interested publics such as employees, customers or business partners. "

The Residential TV Industry – The IPTV Operator Segment
" The television is again becoming the central home media appliance. "

The services we offer are designed to establish a great relationship between a hotel and its guests, a stadium and its fans, a ship and its passengers or a hospital and its patients.

Advantages Of Our IPTV Solutions

Personalized - Welcome Message: Improve Your Visitors Experience With Personalized Messages, Providing An Attractive And Personalized TV Service In The Language Of Your Visitors.

Increase Your Sales: Turn Your Guests Room Into An 'Online Store And Tell Them For Your Services And Your Offers With The Most Ideal Way.

Guest Satisfaction: Informed About The Satisfaction Of Your Visitors Stay (From The Cleanliness Of Their Room Up to Your Staff Services) And React In Time If It Is Necessary.


See All The Advantages Of Our IPTV Systems Here


Our Company, Undertakes To Do Your Network Study And Also To
Inform You Of All The Capabilities Of IPTV Systems.


Our Company, all these years of operation, has focused its attention on the customer, the quality of its materials and its credibility.
We focus on each customer separately and our philosophy is to always offer the ideal answer and solution to each of its requirements.

Our credibility is proven by more than 60 years of operation in Greece and by the largest CATV network projects that have been built by our Company #LYRA SA

All of our materials have the necessary certificates of suitability and are manufactured in accordance with the strictest European specifications.





Our Company, LYRA SA | KATHREIN Digital Systems, All These Years Of Operation, Has Focused Her Attention, To The Customer, The Quality Of Her Materials And Her Credibility.It's Not Accidental The Fact That The Greatest Projects In Greece Have Built From Our Company And With Ours Materials.

Partners Privileges

  • Designing Your Network.
  • Top Quality & Reliability of Materials.
  • Expertise.
  • Technical Support
  • Update For Every New Technological Evolution.
  • Seminars Within and Outside Greece.
  • Worldwide BrandName Recognition.