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Kathrein's new Digital Headend combines innovation and tradition in a unique way.

 Why KATHREIN Headend Systems?

  • Imagine that you are your own TV content director!
  • Offer your customers the content they like!
  • Create an international and flexible service!
  • Provide the best possible quality!


  • Middlesize Hotels
  • Residential Parks
  • CI optional (Signal decryption)
  • Multi-DVB input
  • DVB-C or DVB-T output

The Autonomous Digital Headend UFO mini 8 multi-standard front ends.

Stand-alone headend with 8-way multistandard frontend DVB-S(2)/DVB-T(2)/DVB-C and eight DVB-compliant #output channels (flexibly adjustable):


  • UFO 83: Eight output channels in DVB-T
  • UFO 87: Eight output channels in DVB-C
  • UFO 83 / CI: Eight output channels in DVB-T with six CI slots
  • UFO 87 / CI: Eight output channels in DVB-T with six CI slots


  •   Outstanding output values thanks to direct implementation as FPGA solution
  •   High energy efficiency
  •   Four sat IF inputs with DiSEqC™1.0 functionality for sat multi-switches and one terrestrial/cable input flexibly distributable across eight multi-standard   frontends
  •  All transmission parameters can be set with the management software USW 800
  •  Remote maintenance and configuration
  •  Transmission of stored configurations and channel lists in other facilities
  •   Extensive baseband signal processing with e.g. channel filter functionality, NIT, LCN
  •   Cascadable (16-way multi-standard frontend, 12-way decryption (CI) and 16x QAM/COFDM) via UFO link
  •   Maintenance-free and silent operation due to fanless device design


  • up to big Hotels, Campus, Airport, …
  • also for professional Cable TV operator
  • CI optional (Signal decryption)
  • Multi-DVB input incl. DVB-IP
  • DVB-C, DVB-T or DVB-IP output

KATHREIN's New Digital Headend '' UFO COMPACT PLUS '' is changing data into Digital Technology. The innovation of the new UFO Compact Plus Headend lies in its high versatility and its versatility.

This is the new model of KATHREIN the UFG 810, and for all the new Modul's of the New UFO Compact PLUS series.The UFG 810 is the new Kathrein Headend System that unites innovation and tradition in a unique way. The new UFO COMPACT PLUS series provides users with the technological base for today's and tomorrow's challenges in the field of signal processing technology.

The UFG 810 consists of the UFN 800, the Modul's UFX 800 Control Module, which has 2 LAN ports and 2 USB ports (the Software, USW 800 for the control unit is available for free) and has 10 slots for placing up to 10 Modul's. The high performance UVO 830 amplifier can be used optionally and is not included in the UFG 810. This amplifier makes use of external amplifiers unnecessary in most application scenarios. The durable aluminum housing provides excellent thermal characteristics. In addition, the new UFO Compact Plus Modules are characterized by extremely low power consumption. The fan in the UFG 810 ensures the long-term operation of complex electronics, even under high ambient temperature conditions. For power, the UFN 800, it is worth highlighting its high performance, with extreme parameters, offering an extremely high performance rate of over 92%. All modules can be inserted on the front, allowing easy accessibility when required. The UFG 810 includes a security lock with a security lock to prevent Moduls from being tampered with, and is placed either on a wall or in a 19 "rack.

The UFX 800 control unit allows setting up all UFO Compact Plus and UFO Compact. In conjunction with the free USW 800 management software, users can access all of the system's parameters either on-site by connecting the UFX 800 LAN 1 to the Laptop on which we have installed the USW 800 software, which as we said is available Free , or if the unit is connected to the Internet, all settings and parameters can be managed remotely. To facilitate the efficient management of larger systems, the USW 800 software offers a number of special features such as favorite lists, off-line configuration and module setup. Both the UFO Compact Plus Module New Generation and the UFO Compact series are supported and adjusted to any desired combination. However, to incorporate the previous UPS Compact Modules, the new UFG 810 Headend requires the UFZ 800 adapter.
The New Series of UFO Compact Plus and Transmodulator have come to change data technology once again.

The new Transmodulators are designed with four RF inputs, ie they receive a signal at their four inputs, a multi-switch, DiSEqC ™ 1.0, two to four satellites, process and shape the signals and programs we want, and give us RF output Four or Six or Eight Output Channels, in any frequency range we want DVB-T or DVB-C (VHF, BI, UHF, S-BAND).

Kathrein Headends – Functionality & Features

Multistandard DVB usage
High system flexibility – customizable to different customer demands and building sizes
Infrastructure independent

Optimized capacity utilisation
Multiple source encoding
Optional signal decryption
Optimized Total Cost of Ownership
Remote setup adjustment
Lowest energy & service cost
Optional Pre-Setup

Pure digital System
High Flexibility
Multistandard Usage (DVB-C/-T, IPTV, ..)
High functionality / modularity
High packing density
Multiple service adjustment (SI processing)
Service friendly
Very high function stability
Low error rate
Low service requirements
Long lifetime
Hot swapable
Power supply redundancy
High energy efficiency – efficiency degree ~ 97%


It's Not Accidental The Fact That The Biggest  Projects And The Larger Studies In Greece And Not Only Have Been Made By Our Company.Who Do You Trust ?

Our Company, all these years of operation, has focused its attention on the customer, the quality of its materials and its credibility.
We focus on each customer separately and our philosophy is to always offer the ideal answer and solution to each of its requirements.

Our credibility is proven by more than 60 years of operation in Greece and by the largest CATV network projects that have been built by our Company #LYRA SA

All of our materials have the necessary certificates of suitability and are manufactured in accordance with the strictest European specifications.


Our Company, LYRA SA | KATHREIN Digital Systems, All These Years Of Operation, Has Focused Her Attention, To The Customer, The Quality Of Her Materials And Her Credibility.It's Not Accidental The Fact That The Greatest Projects In Greece Have Built From Our Company And With Ours Materials.

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