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The Ultimate Digital Professional Headend Of KATHREIN. UFOcompact plus® is Kathrein’s headend system which provides users with the technological basis for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges in the field of signal processing technology


The system is perfectly suited for medium and large cable networks due to its fully flexible input and output channel configuration. Digital signal processing and transmodulation of the transport streams are carried out using the latest FPGA technology. Transport streams are routed via the backplane, enabling overall functions to be used across modules.The USW 800 software offers an easy-to-use user interface; programming can be carried out locally or remotely via a TCP/IP connection over an existing LAN/WAN infrastructure.

The module carrier UFG 810 is the core element of the UFOcompact plus® headend system. The passive data and control backplane provides the power supply and the communication between the modules. The UFG 810 offers a total of thirteen insert positions, ten of which are designated for the insertion of any of the headend modules selected. The output coupler is specified to up to 1 GHz and permits cabling to be done quickly and in an optically appealing fashion. The backplane enables the transmission of DVB transport streams between all UFOcompact plus® modules.


The UFX 800 is the control interface for all modules inserted into the module carrier. It is fitted with two fast Ethernet ports for controlling and cascading multiple systems without an external switch. The powerful control bus ensures fast communication between the system components, enabling easy and time-saving system configuration, even if several UFG 810 units are cascaded. The integrated LED indicates the system status. The software for the modules and channel units can be updated remotely or via two USB ports.

The central control module UFX 800 and the power supply unit UFN 800 are both integral system modules. The launch amplifier UVO 830 can be optionally used, making the use of extra external amplifiers superfluous. A lockable housing cover protects the module carrier from unauthorised access. The UFG 810 is also fitted with a long-life, low-noise ventilator assembly, which is continuously monitored centrally, ensuring long-term operation of the complex electronic module groups.

The optionally usable UVO 830 features four adjustable preemphases and offers an excellent dynamic range even under high channel loading. All output channels can be measured uninterruptedly at the test socket on the front panel. The amplifier is adjusted via the UFX 800 central control module in conjunction with the USW 800 software.

The UFN 800 features a high efficiency of more than 92%. In the event of an automatic switch-off due to excess temperature, the status LED indicates the status of the power supply unit. It is inserted into the front of the UFOcompact plus® module carrier and is therefore easily exchangeable.

The UFZ 896 has six slots for CA modules, which are fed flexibly with transport streams through baseband data exchange between adjacent modules. Further to this, it enables parallel and serial interconnection of the CA modules. For parallel decryption, two CA modules can be operated redundantly.

In case of malfunction of a CA module, there is an automatic switch-over to the other (redundant) CA module and the error is fixed automatically. The serial decryption allows the piecewise decryption of transport streams using three serially connected CI modules. The flexible interconnection of the CAMs increases the decryption capacity and additionally helps to reduce the number of frontends in the transmodulators.

The USW 800 is the software required for the configuration of UFOcompact plus® systems. It features convenient transponder and programme search functions based on integrated satellite programme lists. Central and performant software updates for all components keep the modules up to date. System functions (e.g. CI or Mux) available for several modules are designed in a clearly laid-out and flexible manner. To ease efficient management of larger systems encompassing many sub-systems, the USW 800 offers a range of special functions, such as favourite lists, off-line configuration and the use of configuration masks.



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