Digital Headend KATHREIN - Base Unit

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Professional Digital Reception and Distribution Systems, (IPTV - DVB-T - DVB-C) Suitable for Hotels, Airports, Hospitals, Settlements, Sports Complexes.

Kathrein's new Digital Headend combines innovation and tradition in a unique way. UFOcompact plus® provides users with the technological basis for today's and tomorrow's challenges in the field of signal processing technology.

KATHREIN Base Unit UFG 810 - 10 Insert Positions

Ten hot-plug insert positions for UFOcompact plus modules
Three dedicated hot-plug system insertion positions for a power supply unit (UFN 800), control module (UFX 800) and extensions (UVO 830 etc.)
UFOcompact series modules can be installed and operated over the UFZ 800 adapter

Module voltage supply and communication over high speed backplane
Secure heat dissipation is ensured using two energy-saving, monitored extractor fans and optimised air ducting over the module's cooling elements
Height: Nine RUs for wall mounting or 19" racks
Ample free space at the bottom of the module carrier for insertion of the external leads and adapter
Completely pre-assembled, with power supply (UFN 800), output coupler and control module (UFX 800)


Technical Data


Feature Unit Value
Type of mounting   Installation in 19" cabinets or for wall mounting
Number of insert positions   Ten modules, one power supply unit (UFN 800 pre-assembled), two functional modules (UFX 800 pre-assembled, and an additional one)
Power-supply unit (UFN 800, 20610121)    
Mains voltage V/Hz 230 ± 10 %/50 ... 60
Power consumption max. W 437
Secondary voltage/max. permissible current V/A 12.3/32.5
Signalisation LED Green (normal operation), Red (undervoltage or excess current), Red flashing (overvoltage)
Output data    
Connection loss dB Typ. 15
Extractor fan   2
Dimensions (H x W x D) mm 399 x 483 x 266
Permissible ambient temperature °C -20 ... +50
Weight kg 15.5
VPE 1   1
EAN 1   4021121518157


UFOcompact plus® is Kathrein’s headend system which provides users with the technological basis for today’s and tomorrow’s challenges in the field of signal processing tech- nology. The system is perfectly suited for medium and large cable networks due to its fully flexible input and output chan- nel configuration.

Digital signal processing and transmodula- tion of the transport streams are carried out using the latest FPGA technology. Transport streams are routed via the back- plane, enabling overall functions to be used across modules. The USW 800 software offers an easy-to-use user interface; programming can be carried out locally or remotely via a TCP/ IP connection over an existing LAN/WAN infrastructure.

Module carrier UFG 810
The module carrier UFG 810 is the core element of the UFO- compact plus® headend system. The passive data and control backplane provides the power supply and the communication between the modules. The UFG 810 offers a total of thirteen insert positions, ten of which are designated for the insertion of any of the headend modules selected. The output coupler  is specified to up to 1 GHz and permits cabling to be done quickly and in an optically appealing fashion. The backplane enables the transmission of DVB transport streams between all UFOcompact plus® modules.

The central control module UFX 800 and the power supply unit UFN 800 are both inte- gral system modules. The launch amplifier UVO 830 can be optionally used, making the use of extra external amplifiers superfluous. A lockable housing cover protects the module carrier from unauthorised access. The UFG 810 is also fitted with a long-life, low-noise ventilator assembly, which is conti- nuously monitored centrally, ensuring long-term operation of the complex electronic module groups.




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