The Global Leader Of Telecommunications

is the world's largest antenna producing enterprise with the longest standing tradition of all marketing competitors
and a leading high tech telecommunications company.

Nowadays, Kathrein products epitomise quality and reliability. Know-how and 90 years of experience have made Kathrein one of the market leaders in
the product ranges: Manufactures, Antennas, Amplifiers, Preamplifiers, power outlets, distributors, Converters, Splitters, Filters, special cables 75 Ω for Underground
placement,for internal networks, incombustible cables for ships, optical distribution systems
DVB-T, SAT-IF &, Internet Distribution through coaxial cables,
satellite antennas
that enable full automatic satellite reception as the GPS, provides with absolute accuracy the geographic data required, as well as heated satellite dishes
for areas where snow makes impossible the satellite reception.

Headend systems ideal for Satellite distribution of television and radio programs, in Hotels, Settlements,
residential multi Complexes etc. With the wide variety of parts that we sell we can offer the ideal solution with perfect performance in each case as:

  • Satellite reception systems and antenna systems for terrestrial reception
  • Antenna systems for fixed cellular phone network
  • Transmission and reception antennas for analogue and digital TV and radio
  • Broadband communications systems
  • Radio antennas and receiving systems for mobile use
  • Vehicle and portable antennas and automotive electronics
  • RFID Systems

Kathrein Group employs over 6,800 people throughout 62 subsidiaries and affiliates which are legally
independent. These include 4 plants in Rosenheim (Germany) and 18 production facilities worldwide.
The company is a truly global leader, with over 60 % of total sales generated abroad. 
The company slogan '' Passion To Connect ''
is Kathrein’s company philosophy and their key to success.

Kathrein Always Offering To The Customers The Ideal Answer To Any Requirement.


Our Company, All These Years Of Operation, Has Focused Her Attention, To The Customer, The Quality Of Her Materials And Her Credibility.It's Not Accidental The Fact That The Greatest Projects In Greece Have Built From Our Company And With Ours Materials.

Partners Privileges

  • Designing Your Network.
  • Top Quality & Reliability of Materials.
  • Expertise.
  • Technical Support
  • Update For Every New Technological Evolution.
  • Seminars Within and Outside Greece.
  • Worldwide BrandName Recognition.